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Fastnet Oil Lamp Gimballed Brass

Fastnet Oil Lamp Gimballed Brass

59.95 RRP 63.33 - (Save 3.38)

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Ref: NT4101  

This unique polished oil lamp has earned the respect of serious sailors because of its highly sensitive gimbal mechanism which ensures that it remains upright even in turbulent seas. A special feature is the heat-shield, which gimbals with the lamp.

Maximum heeling angle for gimbal: pitch 30 degrees, roll unlimited. The lamp is also fitted with a carrying handle so that it can be lifted clear of the frame for portable use.

Fitted with a hinged burner and 1 wick for effective light.

Height including heat-shield 12.5. Capacity 300ml (11 fl-oz) sufficient for 12 hours burning.

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